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Mattress tape manufacturing is a highly competitive industry, and not every supplier can meet the increasing demands of mattress tape manufacturers. As one of the top Mattress edge tape manufacturers in India, we completely understand the demands, trends, and needs of mattress manufacturers. We have a team of professional experts and designers who can create the mattress tape pattern based on your specifications whether it's Polyester mattress tape and woolen or cotton mattress tape we can design from any kind of fabric.

How Mattress Tape Is Made

What Are Key The Features Of Mattress Tape?

The functionality and design aspects of mattress tapes are the two most important features:

Functionality Aspect

The primary function of a mattress edge tape, as the name implies, is to create a seamless finish for the mattress. It is primarily used to stitch-weave the upper and side fabric of the mattress. This procedure is carried out near the end of the mattress manufacturing process, before packaging.

Design Aspect

Mattress tape design is linked to market success. Increased sales and a stronger market position are the results of standard design:

  • The design also helps to protect your brand's identity.

  • Mattress tape can be made to match, contrast, or complement the mattress's fabric.

  • Mattress tapes give mattresses a unique identity. Top mattress brands use mattress tape for this unique design feature.

How Mattress Tape Is Made?

Mattress tapes are not only popular among mattress manufacturers, but retail customers have recognized the value of mattress tape as well. Mattress tapes are not only used to improve the design of the mattress but they are also seen as a decorative material that can be used to match the color of the bedroom.

Let’s look into the manufacturing process of mattress tape:

Dyeing Step-01

Step 1 is the process of colouring the yarn from white to the desired coloured or according to the requirements of the manufacturers. We follow proper industrial guidelines and use premium quality colours to colour the yarn.

Warping Step-02

The conversion of yarn from cone to warp beam form is part of the warping process. Hundreds of yarn ends are woven into a single warp beam during this procedure. After that, the warped beam becomes the input for the next step i.e weaving

Weaving Step-03

Mattress tape's main operating procedure is weaving. This procedure is used throughout the textile industry. This is where the real magic happens, where the raw yarn from the warp is transformed into fabric. The machine is calibrated to produce the required weaving design with accuracy and precision.

Winding Step-04

Winding is the final step in the production of mattress tape. The winding process begins after weaving. The mattress tape is rolled using a roller machine in this process. This makes it simple to feed the tape through the mattress edge tape machine. This is also beneficial during the application process. Before being shipped to the client, the rolled tape is subjected to a final quality check and standard packing procedure.

Summing Up

Mattress tape helps manufacturers to build brand loyalty. Mattress tape has become an essential component of mattresses. Today, every mattress manufacturer recognises the value of mattress tape and relies heavily on it to improve the aesthetics of their mattresses.



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