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In this mattress tape ultimate guide you learn

What is mattress tape?

Why use a mattress tape

What is the functionality and design of mattress tape?

How mattress tape pricing is determined?

How is mattress tape made?

Mattress tape is a narrow woven fabric designed to create a finishing for the edges of the mattress which gives an aesthetic finish to the mattress.

It is mainly used during manufacturing process to bind and weave the upper mattress fabric with the fabric on the sides of the mattress.

In simplest terms, mattress tape is the narrow fabric that covers up the borders of a mattress. Mattress tape has a decorative purpose. At the end of the manufacturing assembly, the application of mattress tape takes place. This is the final furnishing of mattress manufacturing which gives it a premium look. It is also known as mattress binding tape or mattress tape edge.

The estimate is that the global mattress industry will grow over 43 billion US dollars by 2024. This will bring many investors all over the world, who will try to gain from this industry. As a result, the mattress industry is also expected to have a quantum growth.

Though at its introduction, the purpose of the mattress tape was to hide the joint of the mattress, now it has gained a more decorative purpose. It carries out the brand image and has become an integral part of the mattress.

Mattress tape acts as unique feature of a mattress that provides a premium look to your mattress.

Why use a mattress tape?



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