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Mattress Tape which is also popularly known as mattress edge tape or mattress binding tape provides additional support to the edges of the mattress to protect them from any structural damage like sagging or sinking over time. As the edges of the mattress are prone to wear and tear due to the pressure applied on them while sitting and lying thus the tape plays an important role in getting that sturdy finish, and long-term durability providing better support and extending its lifespan.

ultimate guide to mattress tape
Here ends your search for the ultimate guide for Mattress Tape


Why do we need mattress binding tape?

Mattress binding tape plays a vital role in the mattress construction process


  • Reinforcement

It protects the edges of the mattress from any sort of damage that reduces its durability and structural integrity. Therefore, the usage of premium quality mattress binding tape is necessary to withstand repeated pressure and provide superior support and comfort to the customer.


  • Mattress Aesthetics

The mattress tape provides a finished look to the mattress by covering the edges which enhances the overall look making it more polished and appealing in appearance. This will enhance the visual aspect of the mattress which results in positive customer behavior when used or seen without the bed frame or bedsheet.


  • Enhanced Brand Reputation

Using premium quality mattress edge tape leaves a positive impression in the customer’s mind as it is directly related to the efforts a manufacturer puts into all the details in the manufacturing process which increases brand visibility. Hence customers are more likely to recommend brands that assure premium quality, and durability and are reliable in the long run.

How are the mattress edge tapes made?


1. Brief about the needs of the customers


This is the intro stage where we take the brief about the needs and wants of our customers. What are design patterns, colors, or quality our customer is looking forward to along with the delivery schedule.


2. Sourcing stage

This is the step where the actual process to meet the requirements of the customer starts. Here we start by selecting the appropriate fabric for the tape. Some of the most common fabrics used are polyester, synthetic fibers, polypropylene, etc due to their resistance to wear and tear.

3. Ideation

Here comes the process of brainstorming in design, color, quality, and pattern to choose from numerous options according to the needs of the customer.


4. Weaving or Knitting

Once the brainstorming is completed and appropriate material is selected now the material is woven or knitted to create the fabric of binding tape. This process determines the quality, strength, and texture of the binding tape.


5. Coloring

If needed the fabric can be colored to match the aesthetics of the mattress.


6. Cutting and Sizing

After the fabric is manufactured it is then cut and sized into the desired width and length mostly as per the size of the mattress told to the manufacturer.


7. Packaging 

Also known as winding. The finished fabric is now rolled onto spools to ease the handling and delivery process and is then distributed to the clients.


How to choose the right mattress tape?


Choosing the right mattress tape depends a lot on the preferences and choices of the customer while considering several other factors.


  • Material

The most common materials used for mattress tape are polyester, polypropylene, and a blend of synthetic fibers. Each one of the materials is used for different preferences, comfort, and performance polyester provides durability and is resistant to stretching whereas polypropylene provides superior strength and is resistant to moisture.


  • Width and Length

Determine the width and length of the mattress to know the exact size of the mattress tape needed to ensure mainly reinforcement, proper coverage, and support.


  • Color Aesthetics

Determine the color aesthetics of the mattress to match the mattress tape in terms of color, design, and texture to complement the aesthetics of the mattress.


  • Durability and Strength capacity

Determine and consider the woven fibers and finishing techniques used to know the thickness and durability of the tape to reinforce the strength and protection of the mattress edges.


  • Compatibility 

Determine that the quality and fabric of the mattress tape are compatible with your mattress as some mattress tapes are exclusively designed for specific types of mattresses.




process of manufacturing mattress tape


How to choose the right supplier for Mattress Tape?

The most important thing to do is to choose the right mattress tape supplier for your mattress brand to provide strong coverage with premium and long-lasting products to your customers.


  • Research Suppliers

Start your research by finding suppliers in this industry. This can be done by searching them online on different search engines, market place or through referrals.


  • Evaluate the Reputation of the Supplier

This is a very necessary step to be done to evaluate the reputation of the supplier through testimonials, feedback, and reviews before trusting the supplier blindly for your mattress tapes.  Choose a supplier with better customer service, accurate delivery time, and positive response on product quality and reliability.


  • Long-Term Relationship

You need someone for long-term reliability with whom you can build a business and grow together and also who is willing to collaborate and innovate according to customer’s priorities and preferences.


  • Logistics

Evaluate the delivery and logistics of the company you decide to work with. Know about the delivery timings, shipping charges, packaging quality, etc to ensure safe and protected delivery of the product.


  • Pricing

Evaluate the prices and compare them to different competitors to ensure that you are getting competitive rates and are not priced higher. Consider discount volumes, payment terms, etc before concluding to join hands with the supplier and make sure that the pricing matches your budget and business needs.



 What Variant do we recommend for Basic, Mid, and Luxury range mattresses?


 Basic Range:

 It is recommended to use mattress tape that is 12 GSM with a basic pattern.

Two Choices are 12 GSM knitted tape and 12 GSM woven tape.

basic range mattress tape



It is recommended to use mattress tape with 16 Grams per meter. The best recommended is 16 GSM woven tape due to its stiff weaving, durability, and premium look.

Color: Single solid color

middle or mid range mattress tape

Luxury Range:

It is recommended to use a mattress tape with 16 to 18 GSM Woven. Higher GSM means higher durability. For luxury mattress tapes color: multicolor and creative design weave patterns.

high or luxury range mattress tape

luxury or high range mattress tape

Why Choose Us?


There are numerous reasons along with our core values and vision which is why you should be joining us for the growth of your business.


  • Reliable Services

Connecting with us is not just for one time but for the longer run where we promise to be reliable for your needed premium quality and to supply the orders on time. Our team is committed to providing hassle-free services.


  • Precision

We provide precision in our designs keeping them up to the point of being high-quality tapes for your mattresses. We make sure to give attention to detail while manufacturing the mattress edge tapes.

  • Quality Products

We aim to provide superior quality tapes to bind the mattress's edges to make them less prone to wear and tear and last long.


  • Wide Range of Options

We provide a wide range to choose from in aspects of designs, patterns, textures, and colors according to your preferences.


  • Industry Experience

Due to our years of experience in this industry, we have gained the required expertise to meet your expectations and to understand your requirements while delivering premium quality mattress binding tapes. Also, we stay updated about industry trends and recent innovations thus providing up to the trend product.



1.  Are we reliable in the long run?

Yes, you can reply to us with all your designs and delivery on time with safe



2.  Will you customize the tapes as per our requirements?

      Yes, we offer customization too to get the tapes designed according to your needs.


3.  Will you provide the delivery on time?

      Yes, since years of being in this industry, we have maintained a record of providing delivery on time for all your orders.


4.  How can we contact you?

      You can directly connect with me on WhatsApp: +91 9035140865

      Or email us at:




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