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When it comes to our comfort, we intend to choose the best quality mattress that lasts long and is durable but what we don't know is that the backbone of the mattress is the mattress tape which endures pressure every time you sit or lie and prevents your mattress from sagging.

Mattress Tapes are often overlooked by factors like mattress color, design, firmness, and aesthetics. Though they aren't much visually prominent, despite this they play a crucial role in meeting your expectations of the structure and longevity of your mattress.

This article will shed light on the underappreciated area of different mattress tapes responsible for deep sleep.

Types of Mattress Tapes

As a mattress manufacturer, it is one of the main components to pay attention to while manufacturing mattresses.

mattress tapes

Mattress Woven Tape

It is a type of textile material that is woven using special techniques. It has structure integrity which provides the durability needed for mattresses. Woven tape is mainly made from fibers such as polyester, cotton, or polypropylene, which are woven together tightly and uniformly to create a strong and resilient fabric.

Woven tape is used around the edges, borders, or seams of the mattresses to prevent fraying, wear, and tear, enhances the shape and structure, and gives immense support to extend the life of the mattress.

mattress woven tape and how it looks
Mattress Woven Tape

They are used mostly as a standard requirement by the mattress manufacturers for their brand though they have different types and qualities under the mid, premium, and luxury range. Not only this, it also enhances the visual appearance and aesthetics of the mattress. It is available in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns to complement the mattress.

Thus it is a popular and preferred choice for the manufacturers to use this tape for their mattresses as it offers both great performance and style.

Jacquard Mattress Tape

It is named after the jacquard loom which allows for the creation of complex woven patterns specially used for non-geometric designs. It helps to promote brands. The fabric of jacquard tapes allows the weaving of the names or logos of brands. At the same time, the cost of this type of mattress tape nearly doubles due to the lengthy and complex weaving pattern.

It offers a wide range of design, and pattern possibilities due to the flexibility it offers in weaving. Designs can easily be customized with precision. Jacquard tapes are prized for their luxurious appearance as the intricate patterns add sophistication and elegance to the tape.

jacquard mattress tape and its example

Thus if manufacturers want to add their company logo or complex design. This tape proves to be the best choice as it not only prints the company's logo to enhance the awareness of the brand but also improves the mattress's aesthetics.

Crochet Knitted Mattress Tape

It is exclusively created by special crochet weaving techniques by using a hooked needle to interlock thread to create the fabric. Earlier most of it was done by hand but now with advanced technologies, some machines can replicate the crochet-like stitches but it still can't compete with the original handmade artisanal quality and attention to detail.

The design patterns are limited and it is mostly used for low to mid segment to bring down the cost of mattress tape. It can be made with different yarn and thread according to the needed texture, design, and color.

example of a crochet knitted mattress tape for our customers
Crochet Knitted Mattress Tape

Though they can be sturdy and durable but might not withstand heavy weight and hence might wear and tear sooner compared to woven mattress tapes.


Each type of mattress tape has its advantages and disadvantages, ultimately the final choice is on the manufacturer that what he wants choice for the mattresses based on different factors like color, texture, durability, design, etc. It seems to be an insignificant part of the mattress but it carries a crucial importance for the longevity of the mattress. Thus its presence shouldn't be underappreciated.

The right mattress tape is what makes all the difference in sleep comfort be it functionally or visually appealing.



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