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Binding tape and ribbon are sometimes overlooked when constructing a mattress collection, yet they couldn't be more crucial in completing the look of a bed.

To finish seams, adorn bed borders, and gussy up point-of-sale items, design teams now have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of narrow textiles and trims in a variety of colors and styles.

Binding Tapes - The Decorator Of The Mattresses

Tapes can serve as a transition fabric as well as an accent between the zipper and the ticking in cut-and-sewn covers. They can also be placed between the border fabric and the panel. We can make a low-stretch, elastic thin cloth that functions as a transition if you're stitching a stretchy panel to a less stretchy border.

Works as a decor for the mattresses

Mattress binding tape has several benefits, other than just binding. Undoubtedly the main objective of the binding tape is to make the product more secure but other than that it also works as decor for mattresses.

Many a time people want mattresses with a unique design but since all of them are the same, it leaves them with no other choice other than making a purchase of the same old mattresses. But mattress binding tape provides a very unique yet aesthetically pleasing to the eyes look which makes them look different from the other product.

Consumers also tend to buy such product which is different in look since the binding tape adds a decorative look, through their unique design. The tapes come in various vivid hues which make them look even more appealing.

Differentiates from other products

When you manufacture the mattresses using the binding tape they add a pinch of uniqueness. Mattress tape aided numerous manufacturers in raising the premiums of their mattresses and the brand value of the product. When it comes to marketing, the currency is attention. Mattress producers are betting on this by using appealing mattress edge tapes and mattress textiles to create unique designs in their mattresses. As previously said, mattress tape is an unusual item that exemplifies product differentiation. This distinguishes the mattress from other options on the market.

Enhance the beauty of your showroom

Your mattress's appearance is linked to that of your product and your experienced showroom too. A sloppy-designed mattress detracts from the appeal of the bedroom and your showroom too. It also diminishes the brand's individuality. With increased competition, this style of mattress will struggle to achieve distinct positioning. While they enhance the beauty of the mattresses they also enhance the overall look of your showroom and makes it look unique to the customer's eye.

While you manufacture the mattresses it's very important that you take into account all the above-mentioned factors of how binding tapes help the mattresses to look even better while catching the customer's attention.



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