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The utilitarian narrow fabric that was once only available in white or tan has evolved into a style must-have on today's fashionable bed. But not before dealing with a major threat to its very survival: the rise of specialty sleep.

Mattress tapes are popularly known as Mattress binding tape. Mattress tape has taken the mattress industry by storm. Today mattress tape is very popular among every mattress manufacturer and even retail customers are demanding attractive mattress tape. Mattress tape has become a style statement for every mattress and is mostly used as decorative stuff. Mattress tape business is a growing business and only those who can survive will be able to meet the competitive demands of the mattress manufacturers. Mattress bedding tape plays a very crucial role for mattress manufacturers to create a distinct identity for their brand and to enhance the quality of their product.

Latest Design Mattress Bedding & Binding Tapes

While most tapes are still used as functional seam sealers, they also serve to decorate the bed. And, increasingly, their purpose is purely decorative, to spruce up brands and distinguish products at the point of sale.

Our woven or knitted mattress tape is available in a variety of widths, colors, designs, and finishes.

According to Taber Wood "Today, we are now seeing much more thrilling and innovative uses for tape and ribbon in the highly specialized and POP market, in regards to the now traditional ways—as mattress edge tape, handle, and ribbon around the bed."

Mattress Binding tape is one of the growing industries and it is expected that by 2024 the global mattress industry will reach 43 billion US dollars so you can imagine the opportunities for Mattress bedding tape.

India has also contributed to the manufacturing of mattress tape and Mattress edge tape manufacturer in India is contributing to the global mattress tape manufacturing and are growing rapidly.

Mattress Tape Is Not A Tape Its A Fabric

Mattress tapes are available in a wide range of widths, colors, designs, textures, constructions, and finishes. They're no longer dull. Chenille yarns, flecks of sparkle, or intricate print patterns can be used. In fact, Mattress edge tape manufacturers in India would prefer mattress tape to be referred to as "narrow fabrics."

Things changed for tape suppliers as the popularity of all-foam mattresses and cut-and-sewn covers grew. The future appeared to be more competitive and Mattress edge tape manufacturers in India are ready to face the competition and lead the mattress tape market.

How Is The Price Of Mattress Tape Determined?

Mattress tape pricing is extremely important in the supply chain. Only those suppliers who can survive can meet the mattress manufacturers' pricing and quality demands. Let's check the pricing factor that determines the pricing of the mattress tape:

  • Costing Of The Raw Material

The availability of raw materials plays a significant role in pricing, whether it is Polyester mattress tape or woolen fabric mattress tape. The raw material cost, as with other products, has a significant impact on the final mattress tape price. The raw material of mattress tape, polyester yarn, is a major deciding factor in mattress tape pricing. Established mattress tape suppliers get their materials from polyester yarn manufacturers directly. They avoid all middlemen such as yarn dealers and resellers. This enables them to offer reasonable prices to customers while maintaining quality.

  • Cost Of Dyeing

Dyeing is the first step in the process of creating mattress tape, and it is one of the most important factors to consider. The dyeing of the acquired polyester yarns is the next step. The mattress tapes obtain the desired colour as a result of this process. Mattress tapes are given a distinct construction and design based on the mattress manufacturer's preferences.

  • Per Meter Weight

The most important factor is weighed, but most suppliers ignore it. The cost of mattress tape is affected by the weight of the tape per metre. Lower grammes equate to lower pricing, which results in lower-quality mattress finishes. The majority of the leading mattress manufacturers do not skimp on the mattress finish. At a reasonable price, the premium quality mattress employs higher grammage mattress edge tape. It has also become industry standard.

  • Cost Of Design Weaving

Mattress tape's design raises the cost of the product. As previously stated, design can help to demonstrate a strong market position. Tapes that are simple to weave and have a low damage potential can command a competitive market price. Low machine stoppage also contributes to cost savings. Complex weaving designs, high damage, and stoppages, on the other hand, result in high costs.

  • After Sales Service

After-sales services are critical to the success of any business. After-sales service does not imply that product servicing is also linked to feedback. It is also important to consider whether the mattress tape manufacturer is willing to accept feedback and how they respond to it. Meeting the needs of the mattress manufacturer is critical.

Summing Up

Straight lines may be obsolete when using tape solely as a decorative element on a mattress. Mattress manufacturers are angling and curving tapes and ribbons. There are even elastic fiber tapes that stretch and cling to the mattress surface, allowing for greater design flexibility. Mattress borders have long been one of our trademarks. Mattress tapes may descend into the foundation in the future. It's a furniture style inspired by upholstery piping.



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