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Mattress Tape that are thought to protect the borders are often overlooked but they play a significant role in your bedding experience. It does much more than just maintaining the seams and the borders from bunching. It is responsible for your mattress's longevity and providing you with comfortable deep sleep. It also elevates our mattress. There are two main options for mattress tapes:

  • Knitted Mattress Tape

  • Woven Mattress Tape

knitted and woven mattress tapes

Knitted Mattress Tape: Stiffness is the key attraction

They are responsible for adding a luxurious and modern feel to your mattresses. They are made by interlocking the yarn loops making the material stiff. The stiffness helps to cover the mattress properly at the round edges too.

They are generally made from synthetic fibers like polyester for durability and resistance. Customizable options are less popular.

They can have a lower GSM like 12 GSM and thus incur low operational costs. They are known for their stiff foldability. They are also made from polyester. They are mostly available in subtle tones and solid colors.

Woven Mattress Tape: A timeless classic touch

They offer a traditional yet sophisticated and put-together look for your mattress. Maintaining the structure of the mattress is its main quality. They tend to be more rigid because they are made by interlacing yarns or threads at right angles to form a stable fabric. They can be customized in unlimited patterns, textures, and colors and can also incorporate logos thus providing versatility to match your bedding or add a contrasting scent to it.

They have a higher GSM like 16 GSM thus high operational cost. They are non-stretchable but provide strength and extra support. They can also be manufactured in different fibers like polyester, nylon, and cotton. They are affordable, provide resilience, more resistant to wear and tear. The width of this mattress tape also creates a prominent look. Most leading brands prefer woven tape over knitted tape.


There is no single "right" or "wrong" when it comes to mattress tapes. It completely depends on the manufacturers choice and what he expects from his mattress type and output. Both of the mattress tapes cater to different preferences. For someone who likes to cut cost of the mattress, knitted mattress tapes are preferred. But if you prefer classic aesthetics and crisp lines with enhanced durability, woven tapes are a better option.

Focus on your preferences and the look you want to achieve for your mattress and then make an informed decision to elevate your simple mattress to a stylish best selling mattress.



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