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If you are mattress manufacturing startup, understand which stage of business you are in. Below are few crucial stages every mattress making company goes through:

Stages of a mattress startup

Struggle Stage:

● This is the initial set up stage.

● At this stage, the mattress manufacturer is procuring and organizing new

machinery and manpower for manufacturing to get started.

● The primary focus is on the production and sales.

● Makes around 5 to 10 mattresses per day.

● Uses the mattress fabric and mattress tape that are readily available on the


● Focus is on creating inventory and selling, with less focus on mattress design and aesthetics.

Survival Stage:

● This is the stage where the production lines have a flow structure and

manageable manpower.

● The primary focus is on standardizing the production processes, team

management, sales and delivery management and marketing.

● This is a stage where the business owner starts thinking of the branding for the


● Makes over 50 to 100 mattresses per day.

● Puts effort into creating a unique mattress design with the use of attractive

mattress fabric and mattress edge tape.

● The focus is on creating on reaching more customers and creating different

variants of mattresses for different customer segments.

Stability Stage:

● This stage is a stage of progress where there is certainty and acceptance in the


● Focus is on brand building, unique patenting, building systems in marketing and

sales function, systems in production and procurement process , human resource management and accounting function.

● This is the stage where the business owner finds brand acceptance in the market

and is established with good reviews on Google and online selling platforms.

● Makes over 300 to 500 mattresses per day

● The mattress fabric and mattress edge tape used in mattress design have their

own identity associated with the brand and customers are able to see the

difference in unique brand positioning.

Success Stage:

● This is a stage where the mattress manufacturer is looking to upgrade the

production lines with the latest technology and talent to speed up the mattress

manufacturing process.

● At this stage, all the core business functions are running smoothly in


● Focus is on the expanding the brand reach to different more geographical areas.

● Makes over 1000 to 2000 mattresses per day

● Due to volume and demand, the focus is on standardizing the use of mattress

fabric and mattress tape.

Scale Stage:

● The primary focus at this stage is to capture the market share of the home

country and scale to capture the market share of the continent.

● The partnership and collaboration with venture capitalists and institutional

investors with an aim to scale and expand the reach

● Makes from 5000 to 10000 mattresses per day

● Established worldwide brand and reputation.

● High-impact market shakers and movers.

what is your stage of business? is it in Struggle, survival, stability, success or scale stage?.

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