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Mattress Tape

Since the evolution of mankind sleep is the most important part. Earlier humans used to sleep on the land surface but as time passed by mattresses have evolved and today mattresses are an integral part of human sleep.

The sleeping surface is very important to humans. A perfect sleeping surface guarantees good posture when we sleep to safeguard our back. While we sleep, the muscles and ligaments in our back relax and recover. A decent sleeping surface maintains the natural shape of the spine and keeps our ears, shoulders, and hips aligned even when we turn while sleeping.

An ideal and sound sleep mattress plays a very important role.

What is a Mattress ?

A mattress is a cloth case filled with a resilient component (like cotton, foam rubber, or a coiled spring arrangement) that is used for sleeping. It is meant to be used as a bed or as part of a bed frame.

Mattresses are often made of a quilted or similarly secured case made of thick cloth that contains materials like hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, or a metal spring framework. Mattresses can be full of air or water as well.

Mattresses are often put on top of a bed base, which can be solid, like a platform bed, or elastic, like an upholstered wooden and wires box spring or a wooden foundation. To hide the bends of the mattress we need mattress tape.

What Are Mattress Tapes ?

Mattress tapes are designed for edging the edges of mattresses, blankets, mattress toppers, blankets and pillows. Mattress tape is also called mattress edging. Mattress Tapes are popularly known as the “jewellery” for mattresses.

In simple words, Mattress tapes are just the narrow fabrics that cover the edges of the mattress. Mattress tapes are widely used by manufacturers to enhance the premium-ness of mattresses to create a unique identity for their brand.

While most tapes are still used as useful seam sealers, they also serve to decorate the bed. And, increasingly, their aim is solely ornamental, to spruce up brands and distinguish merchandise at the time of sale.

The initial mattress tapes were narrow, ranging from seven-eighths of an inch to 1.5 inches in width.

Their main purpose was to seal the bed's seams. Ribbon thicknesses range from a 1 inch to 3 inches, with 1.67 inches being the most popular.

CT Nassau, the industry's oldest and largest thin textiles supplier, initially launched the border 17/16 inch width in Alamance, North Carolina. The border tape was designed to accommodate thick comfort layers and expansive pillow tops.

In the 21st century the “two-tone bar tape” was also introduced by CT Nassau which brought a revolution in the mattress tape design. Opening the door for colorful and designer mattress tape.

Benefits Of Mattress Tape

Mattress tape is not only seen as just tape they have helped the mattress manufacturer to stand apart from the crowd. Mattress tape helped many manufacturers to enhance the quality of their mattresses and to increase the brand value of the product. Mattress tapes are not only used to hide the borders of the mattress but it helps to create a unique identity for the product. Mattress Tapes helped the manufacturers to enhance the looks and design of the mattress to improve the quality of the product. Every manufacturer wants their product to look premium and to achieve this they take the help of mattress tapes. A tape that was only used to cover the borders of the mattress has become an integral; part of the mattress for every brand.

Summing Up

Mattress is a billion-dollar industry and it has seen massive growth in the past few years. A recent US study shows that the mattress industry will grow by over 40 billion US dollars in the upcoming year the opportunities are endless. If you are looking for the best and premium quality fabric mattress tape you can log in to

SNAP Weaves manufactures the best and most premium designer and colorful mattress tapes that help to enhance the contrast and the quality of the product.


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