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The global mattress industry is expected to grow in the coming years. Which means, there are going to be big established brands and medium to small scale mattress manufacturers trying to capture the market share and reach.

top 4 reasons why you should use a mattress tape, this info graphic explains why you should use a mattress tape
Top 4 reasons to use a mattress tape

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should to use mattress tape:

1. Unique mattress identity

Creating a unique identity to the mattress design is what will differentiate the brands from other competing manufacturers. Mattress companies are looking to create a unique identity for their mattresses by differentiating in terms of

Polyester mattress tape used for mattress sealing
Polyester mattress binding tape

mattress construct, which includes two things : How the mattress feels and how the mattress looks.

Mattress Tape ​provides a unique brand identity to mattress manufacturers. The uniqueness of a mattress is defined by two aspects: the feeling of the mattress to the users, and the aesthetic to the user's eye. Because of that, the manufacturers want to acquire pleasing aesthetic looks for the mattress. To get these aesthetic looks, mattress brands use customized fabrics and premium mattress tapes that convey brand distinctness. This provides a unique identity to their brands and helps them compete with others.

​2. Product differentiation

polyester binding tape mattress tape by snapweaves
Bed mattress tape

Attention is the currency when it comes to marketing. Mattress manufacturers are banking on this aspect by creating unique designs in their mattress by using attractive mattress edge tapes and mattress fabrics. As mentioned before, mattress tape is an eccentric item that illustrates product uniqueness. This makes the mattress different than others available in the market.

3. Layering effect and consumer perception

Studies show that the consumer perception of a mattress is influenced by the construction of the mattress. Namely, thick 12-inch multi-layered mattresses can be attributed to premium mattresses. On the contrary, economical and affordable mattresses are recognized as slimmer (5 to 6 inches).

Multicolored mattress binding tape / mattress tape for bed

To achieve this premium look, mattress companies use mattress tape. It defines each layer of the mattress, which showcases its multi-foamed comfort features.

4. Overall aesthetic

Consumer trends have a perpetual change. This is applicable for all markets and the mattress market also faces this issue. To keep up with trends, mattress companies need to upgrade their style following market trends.

Mattress fabric edge tape

Mattress tape helps greatly to achieve this trendy aesthetic. Premium quality fabric and tape helps to meet the changing customer taste and preferences. Even so, few manufacturers prefer to use waste slit fabrics or a zippers. This takes away the aesthetic look of the mattress.

Mattress with zipper edges or waste slit fabrics are those mattresses which are made for the mass market with the aim of cost-cutting without giving much importance to how the mattress looks. Many online D2C (direct to consumers) mattress manufacturers are found in these category and they almost look the same.

The aesthetic of your mattress is co-related with your bed and bedroom. A lazy-designed mattress takes away the charm of the bedroom. It also takes the brand's uniqueness away. With the increase of competition, this type of mattress will struggle to create unique positioning.

Considering these aspects, mattress tape manufacturers can help you choose a mattress tape that fits your mattress.



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